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YDS (Yamato Dream Support) is a teacher-student matching service.

Completely free for teachers

Lesson Outline
Language English
Style Private Lesson, Semi-Private Lesson, Group Lesson
Location Your convenient locations in Tokyo or Kanakawa
Place Your convenient places ; your home, student's home, a cafe, etc
Time/Day Your free time
Fee You can set your own fee
Teaching Materials Free to decide with the students

How to find students?

YDS has a unique system. The teachers can choose students as much as the students can choose teachers.

1. When YDS receives a new student's application, YDS sends their profile to the teachers registered with YDS.

2. Only the teacher wishing to teach them sends an application form to YDS.

3. The teacher whom the student wishes to meet is received a guidance of the trial lesson from YDS.

Trial Lesson

The student and teacher are free to arrange day, time, location, textbook and so on at the trial lesson.
There's no fee paid basically for the trial lesson

Teaching Conditions

1. During the trial lesson, teacher and student should decide how they will study. After the student decides to start the lesson, the student pays a matching fee to YDS. The teachers shouldn't pay any fee to YDS.

2. The teacher receives the lesson fee directly from the student just after each lesson.
If the teacher has to pay transportation expense, teacher can receive the transportation expense from the student with the lesson fee. YDS doesn't receive any portion of the lesson fee.

3. YDS is not responsible for any personal problems or troubles which occur between the teacher and the student.

How to Register

Native English speakers can register to YDS's service.

Having teaching experience is preferable.

Please complete the registration form and click the [submit] button once on the form. If the form doesn't work , please contact us.

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